As India embarks on its next ambitious goal of becoming self-reliant and doubling its economy by 2025, it needs to boost its manufacturing prowess, just as the Chinese have done in the last two decades. Manufacturing innovations and improvements need to be not only in the Physical Products Realm but also in Digital Products domain. This can only be done with the help of innovative and forward-thinking firms.
It is estimated that India must aim to produce or assemble at least a million new products and components so as to provide high-quality employment for 2-300 million young people coming into the Job Market every decade and adopt Ecommerce in an all pervasive manner.  In order to reach the productivity of an advanced nation, India needs to think big, and have a country-wide initiative to train its working population and finance approved-factories.  This would require a multi-year initiative and cooperation between the Government and Private Industry. 
To make this easier to facilitate, we at have embarked on an ambitious program to produce the necessary software and automation that will assist the Government and associated private organizations to embark on this new adventure. 
ProductPals enables the creation and adoption of Digital Ecosystems for Public and Corporate consumption within the Framework of a Web Operating System.  Ecosystems enable the management of group activities and memberships, Software applications, Tools, Ecommerce Transactions, Business Workflows, and Management of Business Processes and Programs. Ecosystems are associated with portals that allow you to advertise and share your products, services, ideas, and experiences.
Mission Summary: To provide one-of-a-kind compelling solutions that spur creativity, enhance productivity, and enable users achieve their Ecommerce goals with the least cost and in the shortest time
Executive Team:

CEO:  Sanjay Sachidanand

CTO:  S. Karthik

Office Address and Contact Info:

662, 11 A Main,

5th Block, Jayanagar

Bengaluru 560041

Phone:  7022254411

Skype ID: productpals

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