Our Partner Sites

Sharefam is a website that enables family interactions and transactions. It Comprises a family tree comprising family members and their associated objects. Family members can share data by role. Granular access is available. Group purchases save the family members money on products. Excellent communication tools, contact and list management tools exist.
TubeRaker.com is an AI-assisted multimedia ecosystem that empowers content creators and consumers alike. It offers an array of tools for creating, hosting, and monetizing multimedia content, from articles and blogs to videos and interactive tutorials. With AI Copilots for content creation, a robust analytics dashboard for performance tracking, and a marketplace for direct monetization, TubeRaker.com serves as a comprehensive platform for creators to showcase their talent and for consumers to find high-quality, engaging content.
ProductPals is a groundbreaking business ecosystem that revolutionizes the entire product lifecycle, from conception to consumer. It serves as a one-stop platform that eliminates inefficiencies and middlemen by directly connecting inventors, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.

With features like an Idea Incubator for innovation, a Manufacturing Matchmaker for production, a diverse marketplace for retail, and a transparent Consumer's Corner, ProductPals offers an end-to-end solution that fosters transparency, efficiency, and quality. Whether you're an inventor with a brilliant idea, a manufacturer seeking innovation, a retailer looking to diversify, or a consumer demanding quality and transparency, ProductPals is the ecosystem that brings everyone together for a more streamlined, ethical, and sustainable product journey.
EasyMealz.com is a website that hosts a single master menu from where buyers can make monthly subscriptions to meals from nearby restaurants. A subscription typically reduces the cost by 30% and offers the restaurants a steady business, and customers a lower cost.
IndianMarriage is an Ecommerce enabled Website where users can plan their Weddings, manage their wedding vendors and content, and find their spouse.
WebOS.ai is an Operating System for the Web. It enables users to join a busienss Ecosystem, and interact with others in the industry. A SAAS portal allows users to select which products they need and install it into their accounts. The Ecosystem also enables Ecommerce transactions. The OS manages the authentication, role based authorization, and launch the applications. Users have access to Data in dozens of portals, access to dozens of free software productivity tools that are interlinked together by workflows.
Hindu Temples
Step into a world where ancient traditions come alive, where the divine intertwines with human existence, and where spiritual seekers find solace. Our Hindu Temples Website invites you to immerse yourself in the captivating realm of Hindu temple architecture, spirituality, and profound symbolism.
Indian Shopping
IndianShopping.com is a Franchisor of Online-Offline Indian Stores that sell products originated via the Indian Community. These stores are targeting the North-American Markets where the Indian Influence, tastes and habits are spreading quickly. The reason why we expect it to be popular - Similar to UK where Indian culture and tastes have become widely popular, the Indian products, foods and condiments are making similar headway in the North America.
CybersecCloud is a website that helps in implementation of Enterprise Cloud Security. It hosts patterns, security controls documents, code and best practices, and advice for enabling Cloud Security. All the necessary documents are avaiable, along with expert advice from consultants, blogs, and code necessary to implement. Anyone looking to launch or use a SAAS offering can be immediately scrutinize the SAAS deployment for security.
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