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When you invest with us, you're not just contributing financially you're becoming a valued partner in our mission. Whether you're seeking to diversify your portfolio, align with visionary projects, or be part of transformative change, ProductPals offers a gateway to potential growth and success.

With a proven track record of driving innovation and fostering long-term relationships, we're poised to create lasting value for both investors and the industries we serve. Join us in making a difference while exploring the rewarding possibilities of investing with a purpose.

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Explore other Investment Opportunities is a Franchisor of Online-Offline Indian Stores that sell products originated via the Indian Community. These stores are targeting the North-American Markets where the Indian Influence, tastes and habits are spreading quickly. The reason why we expect it to be popular - Similar to UK where Indian culture and tastes have become widely popular, the Indian products, foods and condiments are making similar headway in the North America.
TubeRaker is a unique site in that users generate content for Contests and competitions. Contests and competitions are created and managed by TubeRaker staff. Topics are very varied. Rather than merely hosting content, TubeRaker hosts content that is ranked by viewers. Participants get recognition, awards and revenue share from Ads that run on the Platform is a global library of Multimedia Books and Blogs. It comprises a library portal where one can find a library. Users can subscribe to various libraries without the need to be physically present nearby. Users can also upload and sell content to libraries, or make money via Ads in the Global Library. The monetization works similar to YouTube. is a website where users manage their wedding preparations, honeymoon, anniversaries etc. Users can find plan and manage weddings online or find planners via the Vendor portal. Here the theme is purely Indian, generally for users with an Indian Cultural background. is a website where users manage their wedding preparations, honeymoon, anniversaries etc. Users can find plan and manage weddings online or find planners via the Vendor portal. The theme here is for Christian and western weddings and practices.
Sharefam is a website that enables family interactions and transactions. It Comprises a family tree comprising family members and their associated objects. Family members can share data by role. Granular access is available. Group purchases save the family members money on products. Excellent communication tools, contact and list management tools exist. is an Operating System for the Web. It enables users to join a busienss Ecosystem, and interact with others in the industry. A SAAS portal allows users to select which products they need and install it into their accounts. The Ecosystem also enables Ecommerce transactions. The OS manages the authentication, role based authorization, and launch the applications. Users have access to Data in dozens of portals, access to dozens of free software productivity tools that are interlinked together by workflows. is a website that enables stores in malls go online and join "virtual malls" that exactly map the stores that are in the physical mall. Stores get the same benefit as a physical mall. Customers get the benefit of going to the mall and shop as though the entire mall were one store and with one cart. They save time by not commuting.
CybersecCloud is a website that helps in implementation of Enterprise Cloud Security. It hosts patterns, security controls documents, code and best practices, and advice for enabling Cloud Security. All the necessary documents are avaiable, along with expert advice from consultants, blogs, and code necessary to implement. Anyone looking to launch or use a SAAS offering can be immediately scrutinize the SAAS deployment for security. is a website that hosts a single master menu from where buyers can make monthly subscriptions to meals from nearby restaurants. A subscription typically reduces the cost by 30% and offers the restaurants a steady business, and customers a lower cost.
Indian Fast Food at its finest. Franchisees of will deliver the most cost effective, healthy and tasty fast Indian Food. This is far cheaper than what restaurants offer, upto 60% cheaper, and much faster!